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Poetry was my first literary love. I have earned a BA Hons. from the University of Windsor and an MA from the University of Calgary; both degrees are in English Literature and Creative Writing. For both my undergraduate and graduate work, I chose to focus on poetry. In addition to writing two books, my writing has appeared in a number of periodicals and literary magazines. It is my goal to publish regularly, whether or not I am working on a larger project. I also write book reviews and conduct interviews with other creative writers.

Here is a list of all the places my creative, literary and academic writing has appeared. Links have been provided where they are available, but a lot of this material is only available in print.

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Serial Publications

“ROBot Ford.” Everything Is Fine. June 2013.

“Galactus.” Toronto Poetry Vendors. Spring 2013.

“Plastic Surgery: a photo essay with text.” Photos by Natasa Kajganic. Little Brother Magazine #2, Spring 2013.

Heavy Metals.” Joyland Poetry. September 27th 2012.

“Empathy Battle: A Biofictional Presskit.” with Dani Couture. Matrix Magazine #91: The Mixtape, Spring 2012.

“Sinestro,” “Carnage” and “Beetle.” dead (g)end(er) #2, Fall 2011.

“Charybdis,” “Lex,” “Parasite,” and “Doom.” Carousel 27, Summer 2011.

“Joker” and “Magneto.” broken pencil 49, October 2010.

“Toad” and “Charybdis.” The Peter F. Yacht Club #14, March 2010.

“Pied Piper,” “Dr. Strange,” “Quicksilver” and “Bullseye.” ditch, Anthology 1 (Innovative Canadian Poets).

“Kingpin” and “Sinister.” dANDelion Magazine 35.1, Winter 2009.

Pied Piper,” “Dr. Strange,” “Quicksilver” and “Bullseye.” ditch, September 2009.

“Brunch.” Last Supper: A Food and Arts ‘Zine From Calgary. Issue 1, July 2009.

“Green Goblin,” “Dr. Octopus,” and “Sabretooth.” Misunderstandings Magazine #12, Summer 2009.

“vol a vent.” Open Letter. BpNichol 21+. Thirteenth Series, Number 8, Spring 2009. 116-126.

“Salt Attack.” A4. Fall 2008.

“.” tONguE, Issue 1, April 2008.

“dash.” Fiction: The 2008 Gauntlet/Nöd Creative Writing Supplement. The Gauntlet, Vol. 48, Issue 34, March 27 2008.

“Salt Attack.” Nöd #8. Spring 2008.

“a short campaign.” Rampike. Volume 16, No 1. Spring 2008.

“Fragrance is to Beauty what Candy is to Food.” FOURSQUARE, 2.1., 2007.

“Three Love Poems for Dr. Doom.” Matrix Magazine #74: Fan Friction, Summer 2006.

“jogging ice and asphalt ” The Capilano Review 2.47. Ten Cities Issue, Summer 2006.

“armament” in “You Have To See This Poetry,” by Christian Bök. Avenue Magazine. January/February 2006.

“Emerg’: 5 poems”. filling Station #31. Spring 2005.

“Kung Fu.” Generation 2002. University of Windsor. Spring 2003.

“Untitled cycle.” Generation 2001. University of Windsor. Spring 2002.


Chapbooks and Small Press

“Extra Life.” Markapalooza Chapstravaganza! Ed. Natalie Zina Walschots. Calgary: No Press & Stacked Press, 2008.

Enemies and Doors. Calgary: MODL Press, 2008.

Villains. Calgary: No Press, 2008.

excerpt from “dash” and “vol au vent.” Holy Beep! Ed. Natalie Zina Walschots. Calgary: filling Station Publications and No Press, 2007.

Christening. Calgary: No Press, 2006.

“christening.”Pylons: Blow-Out!, a dANDy Chapbook, Stacked Press, 2005.

“scene three.” limited edition broadsheet. Calgary: Emeritus Press, 2005.

“a short campaign.” systems crash, a dANDy chapbook, 11th floor SS tower, 2005.

Passion Play. Calgary: No Press, 2005.

Avian Bones. Windsor: I Swallowed a Bug Press, 2001.



Natalie Zina Walschots talks to Sachiko Murakami” for Lemon Hound, November 22nd 2011.

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