Sometimes super-awesome people like to talk about my creative work. Here you will find interviews I have done, as well as book reviews and other engagements with my writing.

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Reviews of DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains

Trisha Low’s introduction to my reading at the Segue Series on October 6th 2012. November 13th 2012.

Louis: The Heretic Poems by Gregory Scofield and Doom: Love Poems for Supervillains by Natalie Zina Walschots.” The Bull Calf. November 2012.

DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains reviewed by Paul Landry for Crossover Comics, September 22nd 2012.

DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains review by Nico Mara-McKay, issue #56 of broken pencil.

DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains review, The Ninth Circle, issue #124 of Rue Morgue

Doom Means I Love You” by Chelsea Novak,, July 21st 2012.

Summer Books: Top Shelf Reading List by Emily Keeler, Spring/summer issue of Fashion Canada.

I’m gonna sing the doom song now!” by Heather Cromarty, in the midst of life, we are in debt. May 16th 2012

Natalie Zina Walschots, DOOM by rob mclennan, May 14th 2012.



The Proust Questionnaire: Natalie Zina Walschots.” Open Book Toronto.  February 1st 2013.

Transition Q&A: Natalie Zina Walschots.” by Jennifer Polk for From PhD To Life. January 19th 2012.

Natalie Zina Walschots — DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains.” The Toronto Quarterly. January 7th 2012.

Interview with Natalie Zina Walschots: From Supervillain to Superwoman by Fabiana Electra for When the Music is Over, December 23rd 2012.

The Power of Supervillains and Poetry: A GChat Interview with Natalie Zina Walschots by Dina Del Bucchia, Canada Arts Connect, August 21st 2012.

DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains by Seth Werkheiser, Skull Toaster, August 20th 2012.

Natalie Zina Walschots, George, Lydia & Ramona by Evan Munday, Canadian Poets Petting Cats, June 28th 2012

Definitely Not The Opera: Stepping Outside Gender Lines — a radio interview with Sook-Yin Lee for CBC Radio 3, June 9th 2012

A Conversation About Kink with Natalie Zina Walschots by Maya Dusenbery for Feministing, May 9th 2012.

Text/Book: The Stately Pleasure Dome by Emily M. Keeler for Toronto Standard, April 20th 2012.

On Writing, With Natalie Zina Walschots by Grace O’Connell for Open Book Toronto, April 5th 2012.

Evan Munday is interviewed about his DOOM Illustrations for The Smoking Jacket, January 6th 2012.

Natalie Zed: Poet, Editor, Journalist, Metalhead Interview by Craig Hayes for Six Noises, October 4th 2011.

Poetry Playlist by Dani Couture for Black Bear On Water, August 11th 2011.

The Questionless Books Interview by George Murray for Open Book Toronto, July 29th 2011.

Hellbound Staff Interrogations #13: Natalie Zed by Sean Palmerston for Hellbound, June 17th 2011.

The Great Canadian Writer’s Craft Interview by Issac Heron, April 7th 2011. Also featured on Open Book Toronto.

In Conversation: Natalie Zina Walschots and Dani Couture. The National Post, July 12th 2010.

Audio recording of an interview I did with CKCU’s Special Blend in Ottawa, May 2010.

12 or 20 Questions by rob mclennan, October 20th 2009.

Interview about Thumbscrews by Sina Queyras for Lemon Hound, August 30th 2007.



Best Music Writing of 2012.” by Michael Racic, There Was No Sound. January 11th 2012.

A Best-Of List: 2012 Canadian Poetry.” by rob mclennan, DUSIE. January 9th 2013.

Poetry: A Dozen of the Best Published in 2012” by Joanathan Ball, The Winnipeg Free Press, December 21st 2012.

A Year In Reading” by Emily M. Keeler, The Millions, December 16th 2012.

Wrecking Ball” by Carla Gillis, NOW Magazine, January 12-19, Vol. 31 No. 20.

Homeward Bound,” an article about the independent, cross-country tour that ryan fitzpatrickWilliam Neil Scott and I embarked upon to support our books. The Calgary Herald, December 2nd 2007.

One Novelist, Two Poets, One Mattress” for The Edmonton Journal,  November 16th 2007.

Poetry Goes Cross Country” by Mark Hopkins for FFWD, October 25th 2007.


Online Reviews of Thumbscrews

Late Review #2: Thumbscrews by Christian Bök for The Poetry Foundation,  February 20th 2008.

Review by rob mclennan, January 15th 2008.

What’s Going On In Poetry” by Gary Geddes. The Calgary Herald, January 27th 2008.


Performances and Live Reviews

The Wrecking Ball: A Scream UNFestival Event @ The Hard Luck Bar, July 9th 2011.” by Laura Wiebe and Adam Wills. Hellbound, July 22nd 2011.

Here is a video clip of me reading at the HEAR/HEAR Reading Series, June 22nd 2010.

Here is a video clip of my performance at the AB Series in Ottawa, May 22nd 2010.

Here is a video of Another Spring: A Renga in 27 Parts, in which I have a like. Coordinated by Sachiko Murakami, April 20th 2011.

Ottawa performance review by Pearl Perie. the AB Series, November 2nd 2007.

Ottawa performance  review by Amanda Earl,  November 2nd 2007.


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