Live Reviews

When I first began writing about music in March of 2010, the very first pieces that I wrote were postcard-length album reviews, and live reviews. Reviewing live music is still one of my favourite forms to write in, and attending shows and festivals has become a passion. My live reviews appear in Exclaim!, Hellbound, Toronto Standard and Canada Arts Connect and Torontoist.


Messe des Morts III.Exclaim. December 1st 2013.

Lamb of God/ Killswitch Engage/ Testament/ Huntress @ Kool Haus, October 22nd 2013.Exclaim. October 23rd 2013.

Spread The Metal Festival.Exclaim. September 8th 2013.

Constellation: A Night in Toronto featuring Esmerine, Matana Roberts, Saltland, Jerusalem In My Heart.Exclaim. September 6th 2013.

Festival de Musique Émergente/Emerging Music Festival Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Rouyn-Noranda, August 29 – September 1.Exclaim. September 1st 2013.

NXNE 2013 In Review: Five Days That Will Live In Infamy.” Torontoist.  June 17th 2013.

Kylesa/ Blood Ceremony/ White Hills @ Lee’s Palace, June 11th 2013.” Exclaim. June 12th 2013.

Maryland Deathfest XI: Part 2.Exclaim. May 27th 2013.

Maryland Deathfest XI: Part 1.Exclaim. May 26th 2013.

Kvelertak/ Black Tusk/ Beards of Prey @ The Annex Wreckroom, May 22nd 2013.Exclaim. May 24th 2013.

METZ/ Odonis Odonis/ Soucans @ Lee’s Palace, May 17th 2013.Exclaim. May 18th 2013.

Pop Avant: The Weird Canada Showcase at the Music Gallery, May 11th 2013.Toronto Standard. May 17th 2013.

Ghost/ Ides of Gemini @ The Opera House, May 7th 2013.” Toronto Standard. May 10th 2013.

Today is the Day/ Keelhaul/ KEN Mode/ Fight Amp @ Lee’s Palace, April 13th 2013.Exclaim. April 14th 2013.

CMW 2013: What We Saw This Weekend.” Torontoist. March 25th 2013.

Touching a Nerve: Listening Party at the Campbell House Museum with Bruce Peninsula Trio.” Toronto Standard. March 25th 2013.

Marduk / Moonspell / Inquisition / The Foreshadowing / Death Wolf @ The Wreckroom, February 25th 2013.Exclaim.  February 26th 2013.

Gojira/ Devin Townsend Project/ The Atlas Moth @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre, February 13th 2013.” Exclaim.  February 14th 2013.

Ty Segall/ Ex-Cult/ K-Holes/ Teenanger @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre, February 6th 2013.” Toronto Standard.  February 11th 2013.

Eluveitie/ Wintersun/ Varg @ The Opera House, December 13th 2012.” Exclaim. December 14th 2012.

BOBLO, by Kitchenband: An Autobio-Magical Live Review.” Toronto Standard. December 13th 2012.

Sonata Arctica/ Arsis/ Kobra and the Lotus @ The Opera House, December 11th 2012.” Exclaim.  December 12th 2012.

Gaza/ Code Orange Kids/ Full of Hell/ Vilipend @ The Hard Luck Bar.” Toronto Standard.  November 29th 2012.

Messe des Morts featuring Revenge, Ragnarok, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Archgoat at Katacombes and Théâtre Plaza, Montreal, QC, November 22-24.” Exclaim.  November 26th 2012.

Volenti Non Fit Injuria: Anaal Nathrakh/ Obscurcis Romanica/ Schizoid/ Deiphagia @ The Annex Wreckroom.” Toronto Standard. November 15th 2012.

Epica/ Alestorm/ Insomnium/ System Divide @ The Opera House, October 31st 2012.” Exclaim.  November 1st 2012.

Septicflesh/ Krisiun/ Melechesh/ Inquisition @ The Annex Wreckroom, October 12th 2012.” Exclaim.  October 15th 2012.

Kreator/ Accept/ Swallow the Sun @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre, September 12th 2012.Hellbound.  September 21st 2012.

Corrosion of Conformity/ Torche/ Black Cobra/ Gaza @ The Opera House, June 21st 2012.”Hellbound. August 13th 2012.

Agalloch/ Taurus/ Musk Ox @ the Opera House, July 23rd 2012.” Exclaim.  July 24th 2012.

Witch Mountain/ Blood Ceremony/ Castle @ The Hard Luck Bar, June 13th 2012.” Hellbound.  July 20th 2012.

NXNE: Part 2.” Canada Arts Connect.  June 26th 2012.

NXNE: Part 1.” Canada Arts Connect.  June 22nd 2012.

Metric @ The Opera House, Toronto ON June 12th 2012.” Exclaim.  June 13th 2012.

Marduk/ 1349/ Withered/ Weapon @ The Wreckroom, Toronto ON June 5th.” Exclaim.  June 6th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Electric Wizard, Outside Stage 1, Baltimore MD May 27th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 28th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: YOB at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 27th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 28th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Rwake at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 27th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 28th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Disma, Outside Stage 2, Baltimore MD May 27th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 28th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Noothgrush at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 27th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: The Devil’s Blood at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 27th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Dragged Into Sunlight at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 27th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Napalm Death, Outside Stage 2, Baltimore MD May 25th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 26th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Negură Bunget at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 25th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 26th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Today Is The Day at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 25th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 26th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: Agalloch at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 24th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 25th 2012.

Maryland Deathfest: ABSU at Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 24th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 25th 2012.

Meshuggah/ Baroness/ Decapitated at the Sound Academy, May 17th 2012.” Exclaim.  May 18th 2012.

Behemoth/ Watain/ The Devil’s Blood/ In Solitude at the Opera House, Toronto ON May 8th 2012.”Exclaim. May 9th 2012.

Paganfest: Turisas/ Alestorm/ Ex Deo/ Arkona/ Huntress/ Protokult @ The Opera House, April 2nd 2012.” Hellbound. April 23rd 2012

Opeth/Mastodon/Ghost @ the Sony Centre, April 7th 2012.” Exclaim. April 9th 2012.

Castevet/ Æsahættr/ Sound Asleep/ The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss’ ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ @ Soybomb, March 24th 2012.” Hellbound.  March 30th 2012.

Canadian Music Week: The Young Lion’s Showcase at Sneaky Dee’s. March 23rd 2012.” Canada Arts Connect.  March 25th 2012.

Children of Bodom/ Eluveitie/ Threat Signal/ Revocation @ The Sound Academy, February 26th 2012.” Exclaim.  February 27th 2012.

Kittie/ Nothing Left For Tomorrow/ Mary and the Black Lamb/ Aetherborn/ Polarity @ The Opera House, February 18th 2012.” Exclaim.  February 19th 2012.

Lock Up/ Goatwhore/ Strong Intention @ The Annex Wreckroom, February 12th 2012.” Hellbound.  February 17th 2012.

Machine Head, Suicide Silence/ Darkest Hour @ The Sound Academy, January 28th 2012.Hellbound. February 6th 2012.

Lamb of God/ The Acacia Strain/ Manahan @ The Phoenix, January 27th 2012.” Hellbound.  January 31st 2012

Tool/ Intronaut @ The Air Canada Centre, January 25th 2012.” Exclaim.  January 26th 2012.

Ghost/ Blood Ceremony/ Ancient VVisdon @ The Mod Club, January 22nd 2012.” Hellbound.  January 25th 2012.

Devin Townsend Project @ The Opera House, Toronto ON, December 10th 2011.” Exclaim.  December 10th 2011.

UnexpecT/ Hallows Die/ Legions @ The New Hard Luck Bar, Toronto ON, November 18th 2011.”Hellbound.  November 30th 2011.

“Mayhem/ Keep of Kalessin/ Hate/ Abigail Williams/ Woe @ The Opera House, Toronto ON November 10th 2011.” Hellbound.  November 22nd 2011.

Arkona/ Talamyus/ Bolero @ The Wreckroom, Toronto ON, November 12th.” Exclaim.  November 13th 2011

Dragonforce/ Crimson Shadows @ The Opera House, Toronto ON, October 20th 2011.” Hellbound.  October 28th 2011.

Boris/ Asobi Seksu @ Lee’s Palace, October 23rd 2011.” Exclaim.  October 24th 2011.

Enslaved/ Alcest/ Junius @ The Opera House, September 30th 2011.” Hellbound.  October 7th 2011.

Evergrey/ Sabaton/ Powerglove @ The Opera House, September 2nd 2011.” Hellbound.  October 4th 2011.

Arch Enemy/ Devildriver/ Skeletonwitch/ Chthonic @The Phoenix September 14th 2011.” Canada Arts Connect. September 29th 2011.

Weedeater/ Saviours/ Bison B.C./ Fight Amp @ Lee’s Palace, Toronto ON, September 13th 2011.”Hellbound.  September 17th 2011.

Vreid/ Kampfar/ Necromicon @ the Annex Wreckroom, August 25th 2011.” Hellbound.  September 2nd 2011.

Toxic Holocaust/ Inepsy/ Holy Grail/ Kommando @ the Annex Wreckroom, August 21st 2011.”Hellbound. August 29th 2011.

Mares of Thrace/ Vilipend/ Enabler/ Godstopper @ the Shop, August 12th 2011.” Hellbound.  August 17th 2011

NXNE Part II.” Canada Arts Connect. Friday, July 17th 2011 & July 8th, 2011.

NXNE The Beginining: June 15th and 16th.” Canada Arts Connect.  June 23rd, 2011

A Storm Of Light/ Tombs/ Vilipend/ Purity Control @ Sneaky Dee’s, June 11th 2011.” Hellbound.  June 21st, 2011.

Marduk/ Aura Noir/ Black Anvil/ Panzerfaust/ HOD @ The Wreckroom, May 30th 2011.” Helbound.  June 6th 2011.

Cake @ The Sound Academy, May 21st 2011.” Canada Arts Connect.  May 27th, 2011.

Cancer Bats/ 3 Inches of Blood/ Barn Burner @ The Mod Club, May 19th 2011.” Hellbound.  May 27th, 2011.

The World/Inferno Friendship Society/ The Wierdies @ Lee’s Palace, May 16th 2011.” Canada Arts Connect. May 20th, 2011.

Vilipend/ The Great Sabatini/ Memories of an Old Man @ Hard Luck Bar, May 14th 2011.” Canada Arts Connect.  May 18th, 2011.

Krallice/ Withered/ Titan/ Kosmograd @ Sneaky Dee’s, April 26th 2011.” Hellbound.  May 4th, 2011.

Sepultura/ Belphegor/ Hate/ Keep of Kalessin/ Neuraxis @ The Opera House, April 18th 2011.”Hellbound. April 22nd, 2011.

Fair To Midland/ Periphery/ Scale The Summit @ The Mod Club, March 29th, 2011.” Hellbound. April 8th, 2011.

KEN Mode/ Vilipend/ Purity Control/ Black Faxes @ The Garrison, March 25th 2011.” Hellbound.  April 5th, 2011.

Exes For Eyes/ Teethmarks/ Godstopper/ Vices @ The Hard Luck Bar, March 18th, 2011.” Hellbound. March 28th, 2011.

Rotting Christ/ Melechesh/ Hate/ Abigail Williams/ Lecherous Nocturne @ The Mod Club, March 16th 2011.” Hellbound.  March 23rd 2011.

Kalmah/ Warcall/ Woods of Ypres/ Bolero @ The Mod Club, March 13th 2011.” Hellbound.  March 17th 2011.

Barren Earth Interview: The Blessing and the Curse (Kaspar Mårtenson).” Metallus Maximus.  Archived: April 7th 2011.

Cauldron/ Diemonds/ Flying Fortress/ Tiger Star @ Sneaky Dee’s, February 11th 2011.” Hellbound.  February 16th 2011.

Eluveitie/ Death Angel/ 3 Inches of Blood/ Holy Grail/ Lazarus A.D./ System Divide @ The Opera House, February 6th 2011.” Hellbound. February 11th 2011.

Kylesa/ Rosetta/ Fight Amp @ The Annex Wreckroom, January 22nd 2011.” Hellbound.  January 28th 2011.’s Events of the Year.” Hellbound.  December 28th 2010.

Dimmu Borgir/ Enslaved/ Blood Red Throne/ Dawn of Ashes @ The Sound Academy, December 12th 2010.” Hellbound.  December 17th 2010.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Watain/ Goatwhore/ Black Anvil @ The Opera House, December 4th 2010.” Hellbound.  December 8th 2010.

Blind Guardian/ Holy Grail/ Seven Kingdoms @ Kool Haus, Noveber 26th 2010.” Hellbound.  December 2nd 2010.

Forbidden/ Evile/ Gamma Bomb/ Bonded By Blood @ The Mod Club, November 23rd 2010.”Hellbound.  November 29th 2010.

Darkest Hour/ Veil of Maya/ Periphery/ Revocation @ The Mod Club, November 17th 2010.”Hellbound.  November 23rd 2010.

The Devin Townsend Project/ TesseracT @ The Mod Club, November 3rd 2010.” Hellbound.  November 9th 2010.

Nevermore/ Warbringer/ Blackguard @ The Opera House, October 22nd 2010.” Hellbound.  November 2nd 2010.

Unexpect/ Stream of Passion/ Manahil/ Modified/ Half Past Four @ Sneaky Dee’s, October 19th 2010.” Hellbound.  October 25th 2010.

Katatonia/ Orphaned Land/ Swallow The Sun @ The Opera House, Setember 13th 2010.“ Hellbound.  September 17th 2010.

Spewgore/Redeemer CD Launch Party @ The Blue Moon, September 17th 2010.” Metallus Maximus.  Archived: November 19th 2010.

Nachtmystium/ Zoroaster/ Dark Castle/ The Atlas Moth @ Lee’s Palace, September 11th 2010.” Hellbound. September 16th 2010.

KEN Mode/ Engineer/ Vilipend/ Grey Acre @ Sneaky Dee’s, August 31st 2010.” Hellbound. September 9th 2010.

Aborted/ Augury/ System Divide @ Sneaky Dee’s, August 28th 2010.” Hellbound. September 3rd 2010.

Mares of Thrace/ Spitfist/ Drunk Hussy @ Rancho Relaxo, August 14th 2010.” Hellbound.  September 2nd 2010.

Exodus/ Bonded By Blood/ Fatality/ Black Elysium @ The Mod Club, August 24th 2010.” Hellbound.  August 30th 2010.

Volbeat/ The Sleeping/ Dommin @ The Mod Club, August 17th 2010.” Hellbound.  August 20th 2010.

Fatality/ Terrorhorse/ Hallows Die @ El Mocambo, August 6th 2010.” Hellbound.  August 20th 2010.

Cynic/ Intronaut/ Dysrhythmia @ The Opera House, August 2nd 2010.” Hellbound.  August 9th 2010.

Slayer/ Megadeth/ Testament @ The Molson Amphitheatre, July 29th 2010.” Hellbound.  August 3rd 2010.

Sylvus/ Vilipend/ Thantifaxath/ Eyeswithoutaface @ The Hard Luck Bar, July 22nd 2010.” Hellbound.  July 29th 2010.

Soilwork/ Death Angel/ Mutiny Within @ The Opera House, July 19th 2010.” Hellbound.  July 28th 2010.

Fear Factory/ 36 Crazyfists/ After The Burial @ The Opera House, July 23rd 2010.” Metallus Maximus.  Archived: September 17th 2010.

Woods of Ypres/ Battlesoul/ The Great Collapse & the Womb @ the Blue Moon, July 16th 2010.”Hellbound.  July 21st 2010.

Charred Walls of the Damned/ Piledriver/ Ash Lee Blade @ The Opera House, July 4th 2010.”Hellbound. July 8th 2010.

Iron Maiden @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, July 3rd 2010.” Hellbound.  July 7th 2010.

Fatality @ The Blue Moon, June 19th 2010.” Hellbound. June 29th 2010.

Hellbound Does NXNE 2010.” Hellbound.  June 25th 2010.

Pestilence/ Wetwork/ Necrodios @ The Mod Club, June 15th 2010.” Metallus Maxmimus. Archived July 19th 2010.

Obituary/ Entombed/ Rumplestiltskin Grinder @ The Opera House, June 1st 2010.” Hellbound. June 10th 2010.

Hypocrisy/ Scar Symmetry/ Blackguard @ The Wreckroom, May 29th 2010.” Hellbound.  June 3rd 2010.

Portal/ Krallice/ Bloody Panda @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo NY, May 24th 2010.” Hellbound.  May 27th 2010.

Lacuna Coil/ Warmachine/ Doll @ The Opera House, May 25th 2010.” Metallus Maximus.  Archived: July 7th 2010.

3 Inches of Blood/ Goatwhore/ Burning The Day @ The Mod Club, May 13th 2010.” Hellbound.  May 18th 2010.

Dark Tranquility/ Threat Signal/ Mutiny Within/ Hallows Die @ The Opera House, May 20th 2010.”Metallus Maximus.  Archived: June 29th 2010.

Porcupine Tree @ The Sound Academy, May 8th 2010.” Hellbound.  May 12th 2010.

Týr/ Crimson Shadows/ Bolero @ Sneaky Dee’s, April 30th 2010.” Hellbound.  May 3rd 2010.

Alcest/ Monarque/ Thantifaxath @ The Hard Luck Bar, April 23rd 2010.” Hellbound.  April 26th 2010.

Amon Amarth/ Eluveitie/ Holy Grail @ The Opera House, April 21st 2010.” Metallus Maximus. Archived: May 26th 2010.

Ludicra/ Krallice/ Empyrean Plague @ Rancho Relaxo, April 14th 2010.” Hellbound.  April 16th 2010.

Dillinger Escape Plan/ Darkest Hour/ iwrestledabearonce @ The Opera House, March 14th 2010.”Hellbound.  March 19th 2010.

Kreator/ Voivod/ Nachtmystium/ Evile @ The Opera House, March 9th 2010.” Hellbound.  March 12th 2010.

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