I am not very good at math.

However, I have also never done one of these before.

+ I live in beautiful Toronto again, and it is wonderful.

+ I am so completely bonkers in love that I often don’t know what to do with it all. So I am transforming into a new shape capable of holding it. This is a remarkable process.

+ My life is pretty great. Seriously, you guys.

+ For example, in the past six months, I have travelled to Portland, The Philippines, Michigan, North Bay, and just got back from London and Sheffield in England. While there, I saw a production of The Winter’s Tale at the Sam Wanamaker theatre by  candlelight, and a few days later sat side stage for Godflesh at the final Resistanz festival. So great.

+ I share a rad place with Izzie Colpitts-Campbell and Halina Heron, and one day we are going to make some pretty extraordinary art together if we can ever manage to be in the same place at the same time.

+/- I am no longer working on my PhD.

– There are a lot of incredible projects and conferences that are happening that I am not a part of because I decided to leave the academy, and sometimes this makes me wish I was a different person better suited to this kid of thing.

+ I am writing much more again, and rebuilding my freelance portfolio, and sorting out projects, and doing a lot more work that I want to be doing, which means a lot of my writing is about fan fiction and that time I worked for a porn company.

– I am in more debt and experiencing more financial precariousness than I have ever been before.

+? Probably I am going to figure that out?

+ I do have work writing games and and doing some long-form journalism, and am trying to make my own work writing fairytales and more games, and sometimes it feels very, very possible.

– Often it feels very overwhelming.

– I have been working and travelling so much, and being in love and away from my home so much, that there are absolutely no edible groceries left here at all.

+/- Probably I should get my life in order at some point.

+ I am going to go find some breakfast.

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