Your BearShark And You: Feet

BearShark Foot

BearSharks often decorate their feet with tattoos.

Your BearShark’s hind paws are incredibly sensitive. This is a crucial piece of information that’s often a surprise to new BearShark handlers. The feet of your BearShark should only be handled with the utmost care and delicacy.

It’s theorized that this incredible sensitivity is partially due to their pattern of activity. BearSharks spend a good deal of their time screaming in bands, either doing performances or rehearsing, and have a tendency to jump about a lot, landing hard on their feet. However, even when not made extra sensitive by vigorous activity, they still display a great deal of tenderness. Experts believe that this sensitivity may actually be a defense mechanism, helping the BearShark detect vibrations caused by predators or, alternatively, potential prey items.

Whatever the case may be, your BearShark has very sensitive feet. This makes trimming the nails on the hind paws a very tricky proposition, especially if you don’t wish to be mauled to death. We recommend using a light touch, moving slowly and gently, and, above all, bribing your BearShark.

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