I really have no words to express how overjoyed I feel in the wake of The Wrecking Ball. The event was a grater success that I had ever hoped for.

Thank you to the poets: Dani Couture, Chris Doda, Damian Rogers, and angela rawlings, who performed their poetry brilliantly and got a room full of metalheads clapping and howling along. Thank you the bands: Ein Traum, Vilipend, and Sylvus, who inspired poets to headbang and scream and do the death metal boogie. Thank you to the photographers and reviewers who came, and to the publications who gave us press before the event.

Most of all, thank you lovely friends, acquaintances, volunteers, metalheads, poetry fans, Scream folks, strangers-no-more. Thank you for coming, for providing a loving and enthusiastic audience, for drinking and making merry and making the night worthwhile.

Special thanks to Mike Crossley, who endured my endless questions with an inhuman amount of patience; to Christopher Gramlich, who listened to me fret for weeks; and to Dani Couture, who asked me if I needed help every five minutes and is the raddest door/merch girl out there.

I am overwhelmed with how good everyone is. I can’t wait to put on another event.

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