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Eagle Twin — The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Scale

Originally written for About Heavy Metal. Eagle Twin hail from Salt Lake City, Utah and have been active since 2007. The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Scale is their second full-length album, following their 2009 debut The Unkindness of Crowns and two split albums with Night Terror and Pombagira respectively. A duo composed of guitarist/vocalist Gentry… Read more »

Monarch — Omens

Originally written for Exclaim *             *            * Omens is a three-song slab of droning doom metal from French-American soul-crushers Monarch. The band have led a very prolific career since they were founded in 2002, with seven full-length albums, one EP and a split with Elysiüm… Read more »

Sunn O))) — 00 Void (Re-Issue)

Originally written for About Heavy Metal. *                   *                * With the re-release of Sunn O)))‘s landmark album 00 Void, Southern Lord is bringing a monumental part of the band’s material back home. Most of their material has been released via… Read more »

Harpoon — Deception Amoung Birds

Originally written for Exclaim! *                    *                * Chicago, IL-based Harpoon combine the speed of grind with the sonic effects of drone. Deception Among Birds is marked by layered, obscured vocals, big, booming drums and highly distorted guitars. This album is composed… Read more »