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These kits are the standard services that we offer, and should serve as a starting point. If you do not see the perfect cocktail of services bundled together in one of our pre-build kits, we would love to customize a suite of services just for you! Pricing for all of our kits and services is available after an initial consultation.

Kit #1: The Get-Out-Of-The-Garage Band Package

This is the standard package that we believe should be every band’s basic investment. Considering how much even the newest group spend on merch (and rehearsal beers), this is a reasonable and valuable way to professionalize your band right from the beginning — or at any stage in your career.

  • short and long form bio
  • press kit (text only) or EPK
  • customized social media text (write-ups and bios for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace or Bandcamp)

Kit #2: The Taking-Yourselves-Seriously Package

This package is designed for bands that have committed to their project and are ready to reach out to a larger audience. Ideal for bands about to release an EP or go on a mini-tour that want some excellent promotional materials to add to their momentum.

  •  short and long form bio
  • press kit (text-only) or EPK
  • social media strategy/consultation, with set-up and implementation
  • customized social media text

Kit #3: The Taking-Yourselves-Extra-Seriously Package

An enhanced version of Kit #2, this package includes the Online Branding Strategy add-on at a discounted rate.

  • short and long form bio
  • press kit (text-only) or EPK
  • social media strategy/consultation, with set-up and implementation
  • customized social media text
  • online branding strategy add-on option

Kit #4: Hey There, Good Lookin’

This kit is a combination of many of our key visual enhancement options.

  • full, professional photo shoot
  • press kit, with visually-enhanced design
  • logo design
  • album cover and booklet design

Kit #5: Label Courtship Package

This is out most complex, advanced package, designed for bands that are ready to make a serious effort towards courting labels.

  • short and long form bio
  • visually enhanced press kit/EPK
  • social media text, strategy and implementation
  • branding refreshment
  • label mail-out, including assembly of all promotional material and envelope stuffing
  • swag (stickers, buttons and other custom items) to enhance press materials
  • plus other services as needed as determined after consultation

Kit #6: Tour Preparation Package

This kit is designed for bands about to hit the road. Whether going on a three-city mini-tour or a three-month marathon, this kit makes sure that you are armed with a great suite of promotional materials and are as organized as possible. This is equally useful for bands embarking upon their first out-of-town expedition and experienced road warriors.

  • tour-specific press kit
  • tour-friendly social media strategy
  • merchandise strategy
  • full merchandise inventory and tracking spreadsheet


Add any of these services to a pre-built kit for an additional fee.

Visually-Enhanced Press Kit Add-On

  • designed to be added to the standard text-based press kit or EPK
  • in addition to text, the visually-enhanced kit includes a custom layout and design and incorporation of the band’s logo

Album Cover Add-On

  • targeted for bands and musicians preparing to release an EP or LP
  • front and back CD cover design
  • booklet design, text and layout
  • CD surface design

Photo Shoot Add-On

We will arrange for a custom photo shoot with a professional photographer and incorporate the resulting images into your press kit and other promotional materials.

Online Branding Strategy Ad-On

  • consultation with a designer to give your brand as much of an impact as possible through consistency and fantastic design
  • includes full report with strategic implementation suggestions

Full Brand Re-design Add-On

This is an advanced version of the Branding Strategy add-on. Once a branding strategy has been developed and implementation strategies suggested, bands will have the option to implement these suggestions through Golden Spruce with a complete re-design of all their promotional materials, including logo.

Remote Social Media Add-On

This add-on is specifically designed for bands on tour and is a great addition to the Tour Preparation kit. Sometimes on the road, finding a reliable internet connection from which to update all your social media outlets can be nearly impossible. It’s also the most crucial time to stay in touch with your fans in real time. This add-on enables you to keep you social media updated when in the midst of a rigorous tour schedule (and out of easy wireless range).

  • we update all your social media outlets for you during the duration of the tour, according to a predetermined schedule, ranging from daily to four times a day.
  • you keep in touch with us via text message, email or phone and we relay your messages to your fans
  • when you are unable to update, we post a creative, pre-written update message on schedule to ensure your fan base remains engaged

MySpace Migration Add-On

MySpace is a dying service, increasingly unwieldy and inconvenient for bands, fans and media. Writers resent going to MySpace pages to research a band, and using this increasingly obsolete service can damage your professional image. This add-on is a quick and painless way to move on from the obsolete platform to new, user-friendly services.

  • MySpace re-direction message and strip-down
  • Bandcamp and Facebook set-up

Skin Add-On

  • custom skin design, including background, for Bandcamp (or comparable service)

***You can bundle the MySpace Migration Add-on and the Skin Add-on for a reduced fee.

FACTOR Grant Application

We write your FACTOR grant for you! Writing grants can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating, especially when applying for the first time. It is also a situation in which clear, precise and correct prose is of the utmost importance.

Part One: Initial Consultation

During this consultation, we will determine the ideal type of grant you should apply for, the materials we will require to apply for the grant on your behalf and research whether all the granting pre-requisites have been met. We don’t want you to commit to a huge grant project if you do not yet meet the basic requirements. After this consultation, if we determine you do not yet meet the requirements for the grant you aspire to receive, we will develop a strategy for you to reach those pre-requisites for a future application.

Part Two: Grant Application

During this intensive application process, we will work closely with you to write and assemble the best grant application possible. This application will include integrating our other services, such as writing bios, press kits and other promotional materials.

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